Viewing Facility

Our studios are designed to create a relaxed, homely environment which encourages discussion and offers high quality, comfortable viewing for our clients. Two of our studios have one-way mirrors for observation and for clients needing more space, we also have a large co-creation space which can be viewed privately via a live-feed on one of our large screens.

Each room is fully air conditioned/heated and equipped with innovative technology, including T-bone wireless headphone equipment for simultaneous translation, alongside dedicated 100Mbps fibre for superfast internet speeds. Also available are 43”, 55” and 70” screens, projectors, stationery including flip charts and clipboards and mp4 files sent securely to you the same evening.

Should your clients be unable to attend the groups, we offer in-house web streaming to anywhere in the world as well as being Focus Vision enabled.

We are also spoilt when it comes to catering and offer a wide range of delicious local menus which you are welcome to either pre-order or decide on the day. We also cater for all dietary requirements and again, can offer plenty of choice!