COVID -19 Update

Planning for Face-to-Face Research

At Home Sweet Home Studios we are committed to the health and safety of our staff, clients,  research participants and partners. Until Covid-19 is no longer a threat we will be implementing additional standards and guidelines for face to face research and workshops. For this we have been keeping up-to-date with government and industry guidelines and we are adapting as necessary. Please note these guidelines are subject to change and adaption as things develop.

Keeping you safe at Home Sweet Home

Social Distancing Facility Policies

Recommended physical distancing guidelines will be followed in all areas of the facility. Occupancy in any room or area of the facility will not exceed the number of people to safely allow for physical distancing.

  1. Research groups can hold between 6-8 respondents + moderator depending on studio size and configuration.
  2. Viewing rooms limited to 2 clients viewing.
  3. Promotional, free in-house webstreaming service to reduce the number of people in the venue and facilitate remote viewing for those able to work from home.
  4. Daytime workshops will be limited to 15 people for the moment.
  5. Seating areas configured for appropriate social distancing, as well as social distancing in communal areas with clear floor markings where necessary.
  6. One client booking at a time in the venue until the risk has reduced and the government grants operation as normal. Once this has happened we will look at staggering group starting times.
  7. All consents, non-disclosure agreements and liability release documents to be signed prior to sessions electronically to avoid shared documents and congestion at check-in.
  8. Incentives to be paid electronically so no handling and exchange of cash.

Further health and Safety precedence

  1. All staff will be wearing protective face masks when required. Gloves will also be worn when preparing anything   that will be handled by clients and/ or respondents.
  2. Provision of hand sanitizer, face masks and gloves for all visitors.
  3. All studios will be cleaned between bookings by professional cleaners.
  4. Signage around venue to encourage personal hygiene of washing hands and using hand sanitizer.
  5. Respondents will be shown directly to their studio on arrival and studios will be cleared of all sweet/treat containers, magazines and any other paper materials. 
  6. All catering will be wrapped individually.
  7. Disposable napkins, plates, cutlery, cups and glasses will be used at all times.
  8. Single use of stationary such as pens.  

Screening for all facility visitors

  1. All visitors will sign a COVID 19 statement prior to arrival to confirm they are currently well and that they have not been exposed to someone with Covid-19 symptoms within the last 14 days. 
  2. All visitors will self-scan for temperature via a thermal imaging camera as they enter the facility, anyone with a temperature above 37.5 will be refused entry.